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Inspirational Woman


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Joanne Thompson
Millie's Trust

After she lost her daughter, Millie, in a choking incident in October 2012. They started pediatric first aid courses for parents and then moved on to qualification courses for childcare establishments and other members of the sector. They wanted to ensure that anyone who has a child around them could save that child's life if they needed to.

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Amy Cotter
Sensoriel CIC

Sensoriel is a community interest company that provides a mobile multi sensory service and is in the process of opening a Sensory Hub and Café. Multi-sensory stimulation is the use of equipment to stimulate the senses such as touch, sight, hearing and smell. For example, specialist equipment such as bubble tubes, sensory projectors, fibre optics and aromatherapy, provides a calming environment in a darkened space. Our provision helps both adults and children with autism, mental health conditions, acute brain injuries to name but a few.

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Codilia Gapare
Nakawo Ltd T/A C-Lash

C-Lash was created to provide false eyelashes to people who have lost their own lashes due to cancer treatment and Alopecia. Normal false eyelashes currently on the market attach to and/or rest your own existing eyelashes. This means that for people who actually need false eyelashes, they are very difficult to use. C-Lash is an easier, more natural looking lash that is specifically made for easy application for people without their own eyelashes.

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Sarah Pickles
Sarah's Story

Sarah was diagnosed with a 3 triple negative cancer in September 2014 at the age of 32. After the shock diagnosis, a few hours after hearing the news and letting it all sink in, she decided she wanted to support others in her position and also help her friends and family through difficult times. She concluded that one way to this would be to write a book about her breast cancer journey, sharing her whole experience.

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Jacquie Johnston-Lynch
Tom Harrison House

After growing up in an alcoholic household experiencing domestic violence as a child and in her own first marriage too, Jacquie’s brother was killed by a drink driver. As a result of this she set about developing UK firsts that have changed the face of addiction recovery policy both in the North West and around the country. Jacquie has set up The Brink – UKs first dry bar, The Raucous Caucus Recovery Chorus – UKs first recovery choir and now Tom Harrison House, the first and only recovery centre for military veterans in the UK. Jacquie’s slogan for life is “turn pain into purpose” and this is how she now inspires anyone trapped in trauma and/or addiction.

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Beckie Morley
Musical Moments

Musical Moments provides interactive and stimulating musical activities for all ages, but they specialise in working in care homes with people living with dementia. Over the years they have worked with thousands of older people and made great relationships with care homes and lots of local charities.

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