The whole EVA experience was a pleasure

I have to say the whole EVA experience was a pleasure from start to finish. It was incredibly well organised and everyone was helpful and friendly. The filling in of the application was great, the questions were not intrusive but were worded well so that you could explain how you feel about your business and your aspirations. The interview experience was very well structured and the fact that everyone was asked the same questions made the whole process very fair.

The evening of the awards was fantastic, you could see there was an enormous amount of work went into the night which flowed seamlessly.

All in all it was a fantastic experience, one that I would recommend any other positive, motivated dedicated lady to enter, it is something I will remember for the rest of my life and I am forever thankful to the anonymous person who nominated me.

Elys Poppy, The Sauce Queen Business Woman Winner 2013


A massive achievement

Trying to put into words what the Eva's meant to me is really hard, being nominated for Business Women of the Year was a massive achievement in its self. I never thought for one minute I could actually win it.

The night of the awards was one of the best nights of my life, Coral and Rae organised an amazing night, the atmosphere was electric. I was more than happy to be there and just be in the final five but to win it, that was the most amazing feeling ever.

I feel like I have reached the pinnacle of my career and this has given me more confidence to push my business even further.

Sarah Southworth, Specialised Cleaning Services, Business Woman 2012


An experience that I would recommend

Initially entering the EVA’s really took me out of my comfort zone, however the whole experience from interview to winning is an experience that I would recommend to any business women who would like recognition and credibility for what she does.
As a business owner we don’t often have the “pat on the back” or someone telling us that we are doing a great job, but being recognised for your achievements is important and winning an EVA award makes me feel that the hard work I put into my business is really worthwhile.

The credibility it gave TI Payroll and Accounting as a company has been invaluable and both my EVA 2011 and EVA 2012 awards are pride of place on my window sill in the office.

Tracy Wilson, TI Payroll and Accounting, Financial Services Winner, 2011, 2012


With a little help from my friend

Winning Inspirational Woman of the Year award was a real honour, and a total shock! It was my colleague who suggested I entered the awards, it’s always difficult to try and sell yourself so with a little help from my friend I entered the awards and I was entered into inspirational woman of the year award.

Sometimes us woman don’t give ourselves enough recognition for the work we do! We are actually amazing!!  Running a business, bringing up our children, running the house well the list is endless!

If you’re thinking about entering the awards just go for it you have nothing to loose! My mum always said “If you don’t ask you won’t get”

Debra Reynolds, School of Sign Language, Inspirational Woman 2012


Fantastic for me and my business

Winning an EVA was fantastic for me and my business, my business was still under 2 years old and was still very new to the market place.  Winning “North West Networker of the Year” has opened more doors within the networking circle and given myself and my business credibility for the services that I offer.  As it was a public vote for the winner my confidence has grown and my business is now really starting to grow.

Ann Ainsworth, Ann Ainsworth Associates, North West Networker 2012


Good for our company profile

It was such a lovely experience being part of the EVAawards this year. Taking part in the process and then actually winning was rewarding, great exposure and loads of fun!

Winning awards gives me and my business the added bonus of being recognised as leaders in our field, always good for our company profile and is great for PR.

Meeting other successful women in business is always inspiring and Pink Link Ladies create the right kind of balance to allow for meaningful and engaging networking whilst celebrating women with great business skills.

Cathy Cross, 4D Creative, Creative Winner 2012


An amazing boost

We were absolutely thrilled to be shortlisted in not one but two categories of Eva awards , New Business and Inspirational Woman. As two mums not from a business background everything is a learning experience for us and we found the interview a positive experience and not too daunting. We went along to the awards evening just looking forward to a good night out and in fact we were so busy admiring the sponsors dress for the “New business award” that we couldn’t believe it when we heard our name called out ! To win New Business out of such a fantastic shortlist was an amazing boost for us and our team as although we are a charity we do have to run like a business especially in the current climate. Being Eva award winners has opened lots of doors for us it’s been a fantastic tool for raising awareness of our charity and also the problems families with disabled children face. I would recommend entering the awards to anyone as it’s a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and promote your achievements.

Denise and Jane, Unique Kidz & Co , New Business Winner 2012


A big surprise

Finding out that we’d been shortlisted for the Eva Awards was a big surprise, winning two on the night was a HUGE surprise. Winning the awards was a huge deal for us – we love what we do, and we know we are good at it, but the external validation from the awards felt amazing, it was a very emotional experience- we were still giddy weeks afterwards. We were bowled over by the congratulations and support we received from clients, from other award-winners and on social media, and we received some amazing press coverage which really raised our profile. We’ve since gone on to win a few more awards, but our "Eva Award” bookends have retained pride of place in our office! Clients still notice our awards, and being able to say we are multi-award winning is fabulous.

Isla Wilson, Ruby Star Associates, Winner – Training and Coaching 2012, Professional Business 2012


One of my proudest moments

To win the EVA for Small Business 2012 has got to be one of my proudest moments.  Having been shortlisted as a finalist was great as I was being recognised by independent professional business women in the first instance, to go onto win – totally blew me away!  Customers of Budz by Helen Jane did me proud by going online and voting for me, and after I had won returned to congratulate me!  I got some great publicity too for the business, and it still continues!  I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’d win! we’d been in business almost 12 months on the day I won, so it was a great end to our first year!

Helen Brown, Budz by Helen, Winner – Small Business 2012


A Challenge

I entered the EVAs as a challenge to myself really; I was approaching 50 and thought 'why not'!

I put a lot of thought into the application, but didn't expect for a minute that I would get through. The whole process was enjoyable because it made me focus and articulate what my business is all about.

I went along to the night with the intention of having a good night out with my friends and can honestly say I was gobsmacked to win Sole Trader of the Year.  By bedtime my face hurt from laughing !

I would say that winning an EVA award has boosted my confidence in myself as a business owner. I realise I must be doing something right and I now feel that I can compete with the 'big boys'.

I am very proud of my award and can now say I'm an award winner without giggling!

Jane Binnion, Jane’s Social Media, Winner - Sole Trader 2012




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