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If I Can’t See It, I Can’t Be It – Let’s Change The Narrative

When it comes to business awards, the saying “If I can’t see it, I can’t be it” rings particularly true for women.

In this blog, we take a look at what we can do to help change the narrative and why we believe it’s crucial to shine a spotlight on the remarkable women around us .

In today’s ever-evolving and vibrant business landscape, it’s important to redefine what’s possible, and to empower women to step forward and claim their well-deserved recognition.

Every woman’s journey in business is unique, and their contributions deserve to be celebrated. Seeing other women succeed and win awards awards inspires confidence and ambition in aspiring female entrepreneurs. When women are visible in these spaces, it creates a ripple effect, motivating others to pursue their goals and raise their aspirations. This is particularly important for the next generation who need strong female role models to look up to and encourage them to aim higher.

We believe women bring a unique set of experiences, insights, and perspectives to the table. Regardless of whether they are business owners or working within one, women enrich decision-making processes and drive innovation, diversity and inclusion. By amplifying diverse voices and experiences through award nominations, we are enriching the narrative of success and showcasing the breadth of talent within the business community.

However, when it comes to business awards, we find that women tend to shy away from nominating themselves. It’s often only when they are nominated by someone else, that they submit an application.

4 Reasons Why Women Don’t Nominate Themselves

  1. Society – despite their many achievements and contributions to the business, women may internalise cultural and societal norms that discourage self-promotion. This results in a hesitancy in stepping forward for fear of appearing boastful or arrogant.
  2. Time – let’s face it, a result of the pandemic is that women juggling more commitments than ever before. Child care, familial responsibilities, worrying about financial wellbeing, finding a work/life balance… The list of daily expectations can feel endless. Taking time to enter an award is put on the back-burner until ‘the time is right’, even though that time may well be now.
  3. Imposter syndrome feeds seeds of doubt in their abilities, making them feel unworthy of recognition, even when they have achieved notable success in their industry. They may have built up a strong, successful business or have an enviable reputation for being the go to person in their sector but it takes strength to quieten the ever-present mind monkey that keeps asking why they think they are good enough to win.
  4. Downplaying accomplishments – Women tend to underestimate the significance of their contributions and consider themselves worthy of recognition through award nominations. The process of entering gives them time to reflect on how far they have come and what they have accomplished. Becoming a Finalist or winning awards demonstrate both to themselves and others that their achievements are worthy of recognition and boosts their individual confidence.

Together We Can Drive Change

By changing the narrative surrounding women in business and award nominations, we empower women to see themselves as leaders, innovators, and trailblazers. Together, we can create a future where every woman feels seen, heard, and valued for her contributions to the world of business. Your nomination could make a difference not only to the woman you are nominating but you may also be encouraging more women to step forward and advocate for themselves. Let’s create an environment where women thrive!