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Freedom Services / Stella Insurance Signs Deal With Zurich Insurance

In a deal worth an estimated £50m in the first year, Sam White of Freedom Services and Stella Insurance has signed a deal with Zurich Insurance that will see them re-enter the telematics market.

Sam White, founder of Freedom Services and Stella Insurance (UK and Australia) won the 2022 Enterprise Vision Awards Business Woman of the Year Award and is sponsoring the same award in 2024.

In a strategic move aimed at maximising growth opportunities in the motor and telematics sectors, Zurich UK has entered into a partnership with managing general agent (MGA) Freedom Services, led by the dynamic Sam White. This collaboration underscores Zurich’s commitment to expanding its presence in key market segments and leveraging synergies with established players like Freedom Services.

Central to this partnership is the distribution of products through Stella Woman, a sister company of Freedom Services, adding another layer of strategic alignment and market reach. Sam White, the founder and chair of both Freedom Services and Stella Woman, sees this collaboration as a pivotal moment for both organisations, heralding not just enhanced business prospects but also greater value delivery for customers.

Reflecting on the partnership, White emphasises the cultural fit between Zurich and Freedom Services, noting the rapid development of a strong rapport between the teams.

She said “This collaboration represents a great opportunity for our organisations and, more importantly, for our customers. By combining our strengths, we are poised to set new standards in the commercial van and telematics space, offering unparalleled value and service.”

The partnership between Zurich UK and Freedom Services comes at a time when Zurich has announced a strategic refocus to capitalise on growth opportunities while nurturing relationships with MGAs and partners.

David Nichols, head of retail at Zurich UK, underscores the appeal of Freedom Services’ proposition and ethos, which align closely with Zurich’s objectives. The depth of expertise and quality of offerings from Freedom Services reaffirm Zurich’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet evolving customer needs.