EVA winner set to host free virtual business building festival


EVA winner set to host free virtual business building festival

Guest Blog by Helen Pritchard of Helen Pritchard Online

Twelve months ago I stood on stage at the EVAs, accepted the ‘Internet Industry’ Award and dropped a couple of cheeky f-bombs!

Hand on heart, I never expected to win. I was already buzzing off the fact that people who only knew me from the online world kept coming over to our table to ask if they could hug me. They treated me like I was a celeb, but hearing I had made a difference to their businesses was all the reward I needed.

I’m not going to lie though… Getting my hands on that trophy was special and the judges’ comments meant the world to me. One of them said that I was one of the most impressive ladies they had seen in over 10 years!

Business Goals - £1m sales orders in 12 months!

That same month I turned 40, threw an epic party and then smashed a massive business goal I had set for myself – securing £1m of sales orders in 12 months.

2020 started off on another massive high. I won the regional FSB ‘High Growth Business of the Year’ Award in February; then the whole world Corona-crashed.

I decided there and then I wasn’t going to let fear overwhelm me. Even in the most challenging of times, it’s still possible to sell when you stand strong in who you are, what you do and how you help people. The way through is to do the work, be consistent and show up every day.

That’s how I secured multiple six-figure launches of my ‘LinkedIn Mastermind’ programme during the first national lockdown – helping more than 340 new entrepreneurs learn how to get more business online.

At the same time, I saw so many other business owners struggling. I have been there myself in the past – heavily in debt and needing to pay my bills, so I delivered free five-day challenges for more than 10,000 people to help them with their online marketing.

Free Virtual Business Building Festival

Now that lockdown two is here, I’m more determined than ever to teach people how to make more sales, get visible and scale their business.

That’s why I’m hosting a free virtual business building festival live on Facebook over three consecutive days. It starts on Wednesday, 11 November at 7.30pm and I’ll be sharing all the strategies and secrets business owners are going to need to get through to the end of the year and start 2021 on a high.

This is advice that, previously, only my ‘Mastermind’ clients have had access to, but I want to help business owners free of charge. My goal is for everyone to finish the week with more clarity and have an action plan ready to implement – removing overwhelm so that they can move forward positively.

In the first of my three live sessions, I will be sharing some of my favourite strategies for working through your sales blocks to get money in the bank. On day two, I will discuss what entrepreneurs can do to get their offers in front of more people.

On the Friday night, we’ll be closing out with a virtual party, but not before I outline exactly how I took my business from £50,000 turnover to £1.2m in sales orders in just a couple of years.

This is your chance to learn the key things that you need to have in place to take your business to the next level and increase turnover, whilst maintaining profitability.

Recent events have left so many entrepreneurs feeling disempowered. I want to help you to get unstuck and to feel energised to take on the challenges ahead.

You might have seen me on my ‘Live with Wine’ business advice sessions on Facebook before. (I’m the one wearing pyjamas with my hair planted on my head and a glass of Malbec in hand.)

Wine is such a part of my identity, I’ve pulled the ultimate baller move and brought out my own range of Helen Wine!

Yes, that’s right… You can DRINK ME! I’m a Malbec, a rosé, a Prosecco AND a Sauvignon Blanc. Take your pick or mix ‘n’ match; they’re all deliciously drinkable.

It took me nine months to birth Helen Wine, with my ‘baby’ stuck in international ports and distributors on furlough, but all those frustrations and complications just make the moment sweeter!

As entrepreneurs, we’re always setting and smashing goals, but it’s equally important to sit and reflect upon our successes. Helen Wine is about encouraging you to take a moment to celebrate your wins.

So, I hope you will join me for a glass (or two!) during my business building festival (AKA ‘The Festival of Helen’).

You can secure your spot – completely free of chargehere.

My EVA Award was the start of something beautiful.

As a past winner, it’s my pleasure to help you get to where you want to be too.

Author: Helen Pritchard Online