Why Should You Enter the Enterprise Vision Awards!


Why Should You Enter the Enterprise Vision Awards!

Here at EVAS HQ we can tell you about the benefits of entering but we thought you'd prefer to hear from some of our previous winners. Read what they've said  about what winning an Enterprise Vision Award meant to them and their business.

2014 Creative Industry, 2015 Small Business, 2016 Creative Industry - Bev Wood of BWD Limited 

"Having been in the creative sector now for over 33 years, I felt proud to be nominated in 2014 and thrilled when I won on the night!  Winning an EVA gave me confidence in my creative business as it recognised my hard work. It enabled me to promote my win for additional PR and has definitely helped gain BWD more business. 

Well one EVA is never enough 😊…. I only went on to win again in 2015 in the Small Business category, making it a hattrick in 2016 re-winning the Creative Industries category.  I think I was banned after that!  I’m only joking.  It has been a great confidence boost and demonstrates to  client’s my business; BWD Limited, is viewed by others as credible and professional. I hope those ladies considering entering go ahead and do so.  I have really enjoyed the experience and would be happy to chat to anyone who would like to know more about entering."


2019 Outstanding Achievement - Susanna Lawson of OneFile

"It was such an honour to win an EVA  - it has opened up my network even further and I have continued to be involved by speaking at events and even being a judge for this year's awards. OneFile has gone from strength to strength since winning and we were even in the UK's Top 100 businesses to work for list in 2021 which after the year we have all had is just incredible."


2019 Young Entrepreneur - Holly Shafiq of The Phlebotomy Centre

"Winning an EVA in 2019 was a fantastic achievement and gave me the confidence to take my business to the next level. Having evidence that others saw what my business stood for and supporting my journey meant that I could leave many self doubts behind and push on to bigger and better things. Within 8 months I had opened my first training centre and now I'm on track to open another 2 in 2022. Thanks to the entire process for forcing me to realise my potential."


2017 Hospitality Industry - Rachel Ratcliffe of Pudalicious

"After previously being a finalist twice before, in 2017, I nervously accepted my nomination - I was so thrilled to have been nominated again, but made the decision, this would be my last ‘shot’, and I decided to approach it as a celebration of my achievements rather than a competition. This time, I found the interview process great - it sounds strange, but I found it exciting and I was really grateful to have the opportunity to sit back, evaluate and celebrate my business achievements and successes. 

The evening of the EVAs was an absolute dream - I was surrounded by so much love, and I can honestly say it was one of the best night’s of my life! To hear my name announced as the winner, then my theme song and escort to the stage - wow, what a feeling!

After the initial buzz of the night, the real benefits of the win began - local media coverage, social media likes and shares, and subsequent increase in orders. Being able to tell customers I was an Award-Winner not only felt great, but gave them the confidence to know they were dealing with a reputable and excellent company! 

My advice to anyone thinking of accepting an EVA Nomination - go for it! What have you got to lose! It will give you the opportunity to experience  something new, a chance to sit back and look at your journey and all that you have achieved, and to really celebrate your successes, whether you win on the night or not. And if you do win, well  that is the icing on the cake!"


2019 Internet Industry - Helen Pritchard of Helen Pritchard Online

"Walking on stage to collect my Internet Industry Award in front of my friends, family and business peers was definitely a career highlight. I honestly didn’t expect to win, so it was the best possible surprise! I was days away from celebrating my 40th birthday and had just hit £1m worth of sales orders. I’m confident in who I am, what I do and how I show up to serve others, but the judges’ words of praise and encouragement meant the world to me! Awards change how you see yourself and how other people look at you too. It’s fantastic for your credibility and adds rocket fuel to your business growth. I’m now a multi-award-winning seven-figure entrepreneur with multiple income streams and a worldwide community of more than 80,000 people. I would like to thank EVA for all the opportunities my awards success has led to, and I encourage everyone to give it a go and enter. It’s amazing when women have the confidence to celebrate all their wins!"


So, what are you waiting for? Accept your nomination and enter! It could be you!

Author: EVAS HQ