‘UKs premier business awards for women’



If you have any questions about the awards or the event you may find answers to frequently asked questions below which may help, if not contact us directly.


Awards Questions

Q. How do I enter the awards?

A. You can enter yourself or nominate someone. Click on a category and press Enter. Fill in the contact information and create an online account. If you are entering yourself, this will take you to the Application Form. If you are nominating someone, they will receive email notification telling them they have been nominated. If they choose to accept the nomination, they click the link which takes them to the Application Form.

Q. Can I enter more than one category?

A. Yes. You may enter as many as are relevant.

Q. Can I nominate more than one person in a category?

A. Yes. You may nominate as many as you like.

Q. Is there a difference between entering myself or being nominated by someone?

A. The Judges do not see this information. Some women do not feel the confidence to enter themselves but will enter if they are nominated. If you know someone who is fabulous, please nominate them.

Q. If I am nominated will you tell me who nominated me?

A. Nominators’ details are kept confidential unless they have ticked for details to be disclosed at the point of nomination.

Q. If I am nominated am I obliged to proceed with the application?

A. No. You must agree to the terms and conditions and accept the nomination.

Q. Is there a charge to enter the Enterprise Vision Awards?

A. No, there is no charge. However, if you reach the final you are obliged to attend the awards ceremony. Tickets are available online.

Q. Can I edit my Application Form?

A. Yes, you will have access to the form until the Entries close. You can make changes during this time.

Q. Am I required to give financial information about my business?

A. No. We do not ask any financial questions at the interview stage and they are not required on the application.

Q. Can I enter if I am an employee rather than a business owner?

A. Yes, you can enter most categories but we have also added an Employee of the Year category which you may prefer.

Q. How will I know if I reach the finals?

A. We contact all finalists before they are announced.

Q. I thought I had applied for one category but have reached the finals for a different one?

A .The organisers and Judges reserve the right to re-assign an entry to a different category if they feel that this is more suitable.

Q. If I am on holiday during the Interviews can I rearrange the date?

A. We ask that all entrants check the Key Dates to see if they are available for Interviews and to attend the Awards Ceremony. We have ‘Mop-Up’ Interview Dates in case someone is ill or away. If you do not attend the Interview you will be pulled from the awards.

Q. What are the Interviews?

A. All finalists go before an online panel of three Judges at the Interview stage. This gives the finalist the opportunity to tell their story and share their journey. You can use props or products at the Interview. An Adjudicator is present during the Interview. Remember, the Judges have already decided that you are special if you reach the finals.

Q. If I am interviewed will I be given the judge’s scores?

A. No. All scores are kept confidentially. No feedback is available

Q. Can I vote for my preferred finalist more than once?

A. No. You may cast only one vote per finalist. You can vote for a finalist in every category.


Venue Questions

Q. What is the venue address?

A. The Winter Gardens, 97 Church Street, Blackpool FY1 1HL.

Q. Is parking available?

A. There are a number of parking facilities nearby.

Q. Is there disabled access to the venue?

A. All areas at The Winter Gardens are wheelchair accessible. Please contact us when booking as we can help you to make your experience more enjoyable.

Q. Is accommodation available at the venue?

A. No. However, our Accommodation Partner has some great offers. Please see the Sponsors page.

Q. What is the dress code?

A. It is a dressy affair! Wear whatever you feel fabulous in. You will see full length dresses, cocktail dresses, jumpsuits and trouser suits, lounge suits and black tie.